International evidence shows patients have better outcomes on a clinical trial but unfortunately, due to our small population, Australian patients are rarely included in blood cancer (leukaemia, myeloma & lymphoma) trials. It is therefore imperative that clinical trials are initiated here in Australia.

Snowdome is the only not for profit organisation that is exclusively focussed on raising funds to support translational research into blood cancers, accelerating access to next-generation treatments for Australian patients to help them live longer, better lives.

Over 85% of Snowdome’s available funds have been invested in cutting-edge research.  Snowdome’s focus is to identify the right blood cancer patient for the right drugs.

Snowdome has a strategic granting process that identifies key pillars to fight blood cancer including:

  • epigenetics – the chemical reactions that switch on/off genes;
  • precision (personalised) medicine – matching the cancer’s mutations to a drug treatment;
  • genomics – identification of cancer type to improve diagnosis, prognosis and personalised treatment
  • immune therapies – boosting the immune system to fight cancers; and
  • trials/biomarkers – to advance next-generation treatments