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‘Future of cancer treatment’ has just been approved Reproduced from The Australian 7 June 2023 Natasha Robinson – Health Editor… 12th June 2023 Continue Reading
Dr John Tandy with his grandchildren
Vale Dr John Tandy 1949 – 2022. On 7 September 2022, Snowdome lost a much loved and admired me… 4th May 2023 Continue Reading
2023 MY Mount Eliza Festival Raises $70k for Myeloma Research The 2023 My Mount Eliza Run & Fun Festival was a resounding success. Ov… 27th April 2023 Continue Reading
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The Positive Journey Film We are delighted to share this stunning film of The Positive Journey, a son… 13th September 2022 Continue Reading
Indolent Lymphoma – Research into a Tailored Treatment Pathway Meet Dr Josh Tobin, Lymphoma Researcher and inaugural Snowdome Foundation H… 12th September 2022 Continue Reading
Small Charity of the Year and Volunteer of the Year Awards The Snowdome Foundation and passionate volunteer, Geoff Nyssen were honoure… 7th September 2022 Continue Reading
Joint announcement from Snowdome Foundation, Women in Lymphoma & Lymphoma Australia June 30, 2022 Snowdome Foundation is very proud to have supported the globa… 30th June 2022 Continue Reading
International Collaboration to Fund Innovative Research into CAR T-cell Therapy and Paediatric Leukaemia Snowdome is very proud to continue our collaboration with the prestigious L… 23rd June 2022 Continue Reading
Six marathons in four days, in honour of a mother lost to blood cancer Alastair Evans set out to honour his mother, Sally, aiming to raise $75,000… 8th June 2022 Continue Reading
Behind every vital advancement in blood cancer treatment are stories of courage and optimism In our special Blood, Sweat and Tears of Joy event held in May we heard sto… 7th June 2022 Continue Reading
The RAVEN trial offers hope to children with relapsed or refractory acute lymphoblastic leukaemia We are very pleased to announce that Snowdome, in conjunction with the Leuk… 23rd March 2022 Continue Reading
CAR-T cell therapy still working a decade on! In 2010 chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR T-cell) therapy was very expe… 16th February 2022 Continue Reading
CAR T-cell therapy shows promising benefits in adult relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma The results of ELARA, a large international trial investigating the treatme… 7th February 2022 Continue Reading
The Wilson family donate a further $3.5 million to provide blood cancer patients with life saving genomic testing The Wilson family has extended their generous philanthropic donation to the… 14th December 2021 Continue Reading
New treatment for Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia approved by the TGA and offered free of charge to patients Zanubrutinib is a new small molecule inhibitor of Bruton tyrosine kinase (B… 6th December 2021 Continue Reading
New treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia From December 1st 2021 Australians with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) will… 6th December 2021 Continue Reading
Targeting DCAF as a novel treatment strategy for therapy resistant multiple myeloma Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021/22 Leukemia Lymphoma Society… 15th November 2021 Continue Reading
WA Blood Sweat and Tears of Joy On November 26th, 2021, Snowdome Foundation held the Western Australian (WA… 15th November 2021 Continue Reading
The blood cancer groups most vulnerable to COVID-19 Australia has been in an enviable position when it comes to COVID-19. We ha… 15th November 2021 Continue Reading
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Two times lucky For every haematologist at Epworth HealthCare requesting genomic tests for… 1st November 2021 Continue Reading
Addressing the unmet need to better identify high-risk follicular lymphoma patients Lymphoma is a blood cancer that develops when lymphocytes, part of your imm… 17th October 2021 Continue Reading
Outstanding Research into T-cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia Dr Charles De Bock is the very worthy recipient of the HSANZ/ Snowdome Foun… 5th October 2021 Continue Reading
Winning against all odds Ilaria is not your average 14 year old teenage girl.  She is a state title… 4th October 2021 Continue Reading
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Changing the lives of lymphoma & leukaemia patients Dr Mary Ann Anderson was awarded the Gandel Philanthropy – Snowdome Foundat… 1st July 2021 Continue Reading
Life Interrupted a memoir by Karina Stell Karina Stell endured three cancer diagnoses during her life, including both… 28th June 2021 Continue Reading
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A socially accountable brand making a difference to blood cancer research Fifteen years ago, the father of fashion designer, Lisa Gorman was diagnose… 9th June 2021 Continue Reading
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Creating hope for Western Australian blood cancer patients Dinner of Hope 2021 Clinical trials are a pathway to hope for blood cancer… 12th May 2021 Continue Reading
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Snowdome ranked in the top 500 high growth companies in Asia-Pacific We are very proud to announce that the Snowdome Foundation has earned a pla… 8th April 2021 Continue Reading
FDA approves the first CAR T-cell therapy for Multiple Myeloma Multiple myeloma has been a notoriously difficult blood cancer to manage. … 30th March 2021 Continue Reading
A momentous day – expanding the availability of CAR-T cell therapy For anyone living with a blood cancer, chimeric antigen receptor T-cell the… 29th March 2021 Continue Reading
Opening up clinical trials for myeloma patients Myeloma is currently known as a terminal blood cancer. There is no cure, ho… 9th March 2021 Continue Reading
Snowdome Annual Review for 2020 We are incredibly proud to share with you our 2020 Annual Review featuring… 9th March 2021 Continue Reading
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Partnering to provide more hope to blood cancer patients Prof Miles Prince AM was devastated when back in 2018, his patient Tom Long… 2nd February 2021 Continue Reading
New multiple myeloma treatment approved in the U.S. In June 2019, the U.S. FDA approved selinexor (Xpovio) in combination with… 13th January 2021 Continue Reading
Latest grants announced in Australia-US blood cancer research co-funding partnership Two new research projects co-funded through a partnership between America’s… 29th November 2020 Continue Reading
Professor John Pimanda – Expediting drug discovery in MDS Professor Pimanda is incredibly curious. His observations around why cells… 29th November 2020 Continue Reading
Prof Ravi Majeti and Dr Daniel Thomas are uncovering new methods to switch off and destroy cancer cells. Genetics is complex!  At a very basic level we understand that when genes a… 29th November 2020 Continue Reading
Clinical trials are saving blood cancer patients’ lives in Western Australia On Thursday 12th November, Snowdome and Blood Cancer Research WA (BCRWA) he… 26th November 2020 Continue Reading
The importance of clinical trials for blood cancer patients Dr Kat Lewis works as a Haematology Clinical Research Fellow for Blood Canc… 12th November 2020 Continue Reading
Prof Mark Dawson receives Frank Fenner Prize for Life Scientist of the Year Professor Mark Dawson has been awarded the 2020 Frank Fenner Prize for Life… 9th November 2020 Continue Reading
Supporting Women in Lymphoma – “You can’t be what you can’t see”* Despite how far society has advanced towards equal rights for women, women… 5th November 2020 Continue Reading
Fellowships provide our Australian researchers with time to do what they do best – Research For the first time, the Snowdome Foundation pivoted its annual Blood Sweat… 30th October 2020 Continue Reading
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Prof Miles Prince AM provides a COVID 19 update After living with the corona virus for 9 months what have we learned about… 8th October 2020 Continue Reading
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FDA approves 6 new blood cancer treatments in the last 3 months Since June 2020 the FDA has approved 6 new blood cancer treatments and expa… 26th August 2020 Continue Reading
CAR-T cell therapy clinical trials provide more hope for lymphoma and leukaemia patients Dr Michael Dickinson is the Lead of the Aggressive Lymphoma disease group w… 17th August 2020 Continue Reading
Miriam Dexter
Miriam Dexter steps down as CEO after eight successful years The Snowdome Board are sad to announce that after 8 successful years as the… 12th August 2020 Continue Reading
Snowdome Foundation welcomes John Salvaris as its new Board Chair In December 2019 the Snowdome Chair, Roger Greenman AM, announced to the Bo… 9th August 2020 Continue Reading
Funding a Fellow in Western Australia to provide hope through more blood cancer clinical trials Four years ago, if you had a blood cancer in Western Australia (WA) and nee… 4th August 2020 Continue Reading
July 30th COVID 19 Update by Prof Miles Prince AM Victoria has been in lockdown for 3 weeks and new COVID 19 cases don’t seem… 30th July 2020 Continue Reading
CAR-T cell treatment for multiple myeloma – the landscape so far Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy has been approved in Austral… 14th July 2020 Continue Reading
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Cancer blood test a lifesaving breakthrough The Australian featured an exclusive story on the remarkable insights provi… 7th July 2020 Continue Reading
What have we learned about COVID 19 – Prof Prince enlightens us We have been living with the COVID 19 pandemic for 6 months now.  Our knowl… 25th June 2020 Continue Reading
Co-founder Grant Rutherford speaks to the Daily Edition about his personal connection to blood cancer In the lead up World Blood Donor Day co-founder Grant Rutherford speaks to… 15th June 2020 Continue Reading
Barry Du Bois discusses the importance of blood cancer research Barry Du Bois featured on Studio 10 to support the Snowdome Foundation and… 12th June 2020 Continue Reading
Georgie Crozier’s Parliamentary Address Thank you to Ms Georgie Crozier, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Leg… 4th June 2020 Continue Reading
Bringing hope to blood cancer patients in Western Australia Through the funding provided by the Snowdome Foundation Assoc Professor Cha… 21st May 2020 Continue Reading
Susi Doherty changing community, changing lives Susi Doherty is another inspiring volunteer who is changing a community and… 21st May 2020 Continue Reading
Geoff Nyssen changing community, changing lives Geoff Nyssen is changing lives and a community. It’s hard not to get enthus… 19th May 2020 Continue Reading
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Snowdome Foundation ranks #266 in Financial Times Top 500 High Growth Companies We are incredibly proud to announce that the Snowdome Foundation in conjunc… 23rd April 2020 Continue Reading
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COVID 19 treatments, your risk as a blood cancer patient and much more with Prof Prince Prof Miles Prince provides another update on the coronavirus pandemic. He e… 16th April 2020 Continue Reading
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Free online Meditation and Movement A truly wonderful offer has been made available to Snowdome supporters by A… 2nd April 2020 Continue Reading
Prof Miles Prince discusses the impact of the Coronavirus on the management of blood cancer Hear from Prof Miles Prince as he provides an update on the impact of the C… 26th March 2020 Continue Reading
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Finding a novel way to kill all myeloma cells. Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells. Your plasma cells are responsible… 27th February 2020 Continue Reading
CAR T-cell therapy funding granted for Lymphoma The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) has given a positive recomme… 28th January 2020 Continue Reading
Prof Ricky Johnstone is using epigenetics to find new ways to treat Lymphoma Professor Ricky Johnstone is the Head of the Gene Regulation Laboratory at… 15th January 2020 Continue Reading
Vale Tom Long We are deeply saddened to hear the news of Tom Long passing.  Tom was an in… 7th January 2020 Continue Reading
TGA Approves New Treatment for CLL Wonderful to see the FDA, TGA and Canadian regulatory authorities working t… 16th December 2019 Continue Reading
Welcome Andrea Dawber Andrea grew up in Melbourne and has over 20 years experience in senior lead… 10th December 2019 Continue Reading
From the highs of delivering your first baby to the lows of hearing ‘you have a blood cancer’ Kaz should have been snuggling into her newborn baby, gazing into her eyes… 25th November 2019 Continue Reading
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You need a lot of resilience and curiosity to be a researcher Dr Pilar Dominguez is a senior postdoctoral researcher working with Prof Ri… 19th November 2019 Continue Reading
CAR T-cell Therapy rejected for funding in DLBCL It is disappointing to learn that the Medical Services Advisory Committee d… 7th November 2019 Continue Reading
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Blood Sweat and Tears of Joy Western Australia This time last week the Snowdome Foundation and Blood Cancer Research WA ho… 1st November 2019 Continue Reading
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The Simple Man Paul Mutimer had niggling back pain and was constantly tired, but he felt i… 16th September 2019 Continue Reading
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Positive results for CAR T-cell Therapy in Follicular Lymphoma The scientific journal Blood recently published a commentary by Dr Michael… 21st August 2019 Continue Reading
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Tom Long is filled with gratitude Tom Long is filled with gratitude. He got a second chance at life when he w… 16th July 2019 Continue Reading
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Partnering to make research a priority Snowdome Foundation and Epworth are partnering to change the way cancer is… 26th June 2019 Continue Reading
Friends of Tom Long raise significant funds for a CAR T-cell therapy centre The plight of one of Australia’s favourite actors to multiple myeloma captu… 20th June 2019 Continue Reading
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Snowdome Foundation 2018 Annual Review We are delighted to present the Snowdome Foundation 2018 Annual Review.  Th… 4th May 2019 Continue Reading
CAR T-cell therapy to be funded by Medical Benefits Scheme for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia The Federal Government announced that it will fund Chimeric Antigen Recepto… 16th April 2019 Continue Reading
New treatment funded for Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia As of 1st May 2019 Inotuzumab (Besponsa) will be available on the PBS for p… 10th April 2019 Continue Reading
Cancer we are coming to get you – curing cancer with CAR T-cell therapies Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR T-cell) therapies are providing Austr… 8th April 2019 Continue Reading
Victorian Premier’s Award winner Dr Mary Ann Anderson “You have the opportunity to help one patient in front of you when you are… 1st April 2019 Continue Reading
Tom’s wish was to raise awareness for Snowdome to help others Tom Long so generously told of his battle with myeloma to Lisa Wilkinson on… 24th March 2019 Continue Reading
Adcetris added to the PBS for the treatment of cutaneous T cell lymphomas Patrick Devine is a long time supporter of Snowdome. He was diagnosed with… 21st March 2019 Continue Reading
CAR T-cell therapy In December 2018 the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA) appro… 13th March 2019 Continue Reading
FireFlies Antipodes raise an incredible $40,000 for Snowdome The FireFlies Antipodes suffered on their bikes for 800kms in order to rais… 12th March 2019 Continue Reading
Charity of Choice at Pathology Update 2019 The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and Melbourne Convention a… 27th February 2019 Continue Reading
Australasian Lymphoma Alliance – Creating a Lymphoma Brains Trust The Snowdome Foundation has partnered with Dr Eliza Hawkes, from the Olivia… 11th February 2019 Continue Reading
For those who suffer we ride The FireFlies Antipodes are back in the saddle raising funds for Snowdome F… 5th February 2019 Continue Reading
“I want to keep living. I want others to keep living. Snowdome touches all of us.”   Tom Long is an Australian actor, well known for his parts on Sea Cha… 11th December 2018 Continue Reading
Genomics, genetics and epigenetics – what is the difference and how are they related to blood cancer research? Genomics, genetics and epigenetics seem to be buzzwords in the medical rese… 7th December 2018 Continue Reading
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Christine and Bruce Wilson Centre on the World Stage Just like every snowflake Snowdome Foundation is unique.  We are the only o… 5th December 2018 Continue Reading
Welcome Cathy Rhodes to the Snowdome Family Snowdome is delighted to welcome Cathy Rhodes to the Snowdome Foundation te… 4th December 2018 Continue Reading
Belinda Guo recipient of the Gunn Family National Career Development Fellowship The 2018 ‘Bloody Good Dinner’ raised almost $740,000 for the Snowdome Found… 3rd December 2018 Continue Reading
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Blood Sweat and Tears of Joy in Western Australia On October 11th Snowdome held its first educational event to help support t… 1st November 2018 Continue Reading
Positive Clinical Trial Results for Multiple Myeloma Patients Wonderful news for multiple myeloma patients with interim results of a new… 31st October 2018 Continue Reading
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Blood Sweat and Tears of Joy It is not often you get the chance to hear from six of the brightest minds… 5th September 2018 Continue Reading
A New Hope for Myeloma Multiple myeloma is a plasma cell neoplasm (abnormal growth of plasma cells… 24th August 2018 Continue Reading
Inaugural Blood Cancer Genomics Symposium The inaugural blood cancer genomics symposium was held by the Peter MacCall… 20th August 2018 Continue Reading
Genomic testing provides access to cutting edge treatments for CLL patient Amanda has an ideal life.  She is fit and strong, in her mid 40s and has be… 17th August 2018 Continue Reading
Snowdome welcomes Charlotte to the Executive Team As Snowdome gathers momentum and more donors are interested in helping make… 13th August 2018 Continue Reading
Snowdome Supporting Maddie’s Match On Friday July 20th Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision held Maddie’s Match to raise f… 25th July 2018 Continue Reading
The Gunn Family Fellowship In an Australian first, a female only fellowship specifically directed at H… 14th June 2018 Continue Reading
Pilot program will use gene testing to guide chronic lymphocytic leukaemia treatment People diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) will be tested fo… 7th June 2018 Continue Reading
Leaving a bequest to Snowdome is gifting Australian blood cancer patients with hope Evidence shows blood cancer patients have a better outcome if they are enro… 6th June 2018 Continue Reading
Make a tax-deductible donation to Australian Blood Cancer Research With the end of financial year fast approaching you may want to consider ma… 4th June 2018 Continue Reading
Push to close gender gap in haematology research When it comes to the world of haematology research there is a gap between m… 1st June 2018 Continue Reading
‘Bloody Good Dinner’ 2018 raises $740,000 to support medical research in blood cancers and bone marrow failure On Wednesday 23rd May, Snowdome and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision collaborated t… 29th May 2018 Continue Reading
Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of myeloma in the world A recent study published in JAMA Oncology highlights that Australia has the… 28th May 2018 Continue Reading
Working collaboratively for a ‘Bloody Good Cause’ For the past two years Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision and Snowdome have worked to… 23rd May 2018 Continue Reading
The cancer moonshot – unlocking genetic weapons to defeat cancer In case you did not hear the fascinating and inspiring interview with Miles… 21st May 2018 Continue Reading
Call for Translational Research Grant Applications   The Snowdome Foundation is proud to be partnering with the Leukemia… 2nd May 2018 Continue Reading
Establishing a Lymphoma Centre of Research Excellence in Western Australia On Tuesday April 24th Snowdome held a gala dinner at the Wildflower restaur… 30th April 2018 Continue Reading
Snowdome Foundation ranked #59 in the Financial Times Top 1000 High Growth Companies We are delighted to share that the Snowdome Foundation was ranked #59 in th… 23rd April 2018 Continue Reading
$2.4 million grant awarded to Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision Congratulations to our collaborative partner Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision with… 19th April 2018 Continue Reading
The Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry   The MRDR is an Australian and New Zealand Registry that collects inf… 28th March 2018 Continue Reading
Funding Women in Haematology through the ‘Bloody Good Dinner’ On May 23rd 2018, the Snowdome Foundation and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision will… 28th March 2018 Continue Reading
It’s all for the patients This is a wonderful story of how Snowdome is making a difference to patient… 27th March 2018 Continue Reading
Snowdome is excited to be setting sail Snowdome is excited to be setting sail in the right direction. Snowdome sup… 14th December 2017 Continue Reading
Real hope for lymphoma patients  I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma two weeks before my 36th birthday and… 14th December 2017 Continue Reading
A vision of improving personalised cancer treatment Three years ago, Vision Super looked at their insurance claims data – 25% o… 13th December 2017 Continue Reading
Tumour DNA provides clearer genetic profiles of lymphoid malignancy Tumour DNA provides clearer genetic profiles of lymphoid malignancy Analysi… 2nd November 2017 Continue Reading
Momentous Day For Snowdome – Our Biggest Ever News Coverage As a Snowdome supporter, we wanted to inform you of a momentous occasion fo… 19th October 2017 Continue Reading
Generous donation focused on genetic testing brings fresh hope to Australian blood cancer patients Tuesday, 17 October 2017 Joint Press Release – Generous donation focused on… 17th October 2017 Continue Reading
Genomics Q&A with Professor Miles Prince Genomics Q&A with Professor Miles Prince Since 2014, Snowdome has funde… 26th September 2017 Continue Reading
Having the ‘will’ to make a difference Having the ‘will’ to make a difference Research has found that nearly one-t… 22nd September 2017 Continue Reading
New addition to the Snowdome Foundation Executive team New addition to the Snowdome Foundation Executive team In recent months, we… 22nd September 2017 Continue Reading
‘WOGS AT WORK’ ‘WOGS AT WORK’ Who remembers Acropolis Now? It was the first Australian TV… 22nd September 2017 Continue Reading
ABL is ‘making hope real’ for Australians with blood cancer ABL is ‘making hope real’ for Australians with blood cancer Arnold Bloch Le… 18th August 2017 Continue Reading
2016 Annual Review 2016 Annual Review Our 2016 Annual Review (with 2015/2016 financials) is no… 26th June 2017 Continue Reading
New addition to the Snowdome Foundation Executive team New addition to the Snowdome Foundation Executive team The Snowdome Foundat… 26th June 2017 Continue Reading
Snowdome co-founder, Professor Miles Prince publishes a paper on impressive new research Snowdome co-founder, Professor Miles Prince publishes a paper on impressive… 26th June 2017 Continue Reading
The ‘Bloody Good Dinner’ What a Bloody Good Success! Last year, we celebrated the outstanding achiev… 26th June 2017 Continue Reading
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Snowdome gets a mention in Parliament Thank you Georgie Crozier MLC (Victoria) who dedicated her Parliamentary Me… 28th November 2016 Continue Reading
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A tribute to Snowdome’s first donor Snowdome would like to pay tribute to our first-ever donor, Arie Rubinstein… 25th October 2016 Continue Reading
Blood cancers – how aware are you? Blood Cancer Awareness Month (September) is an internationally recognised a… 31st August 2016 Continue Reading
Snowdome wins National Charity Telstra Business Award 2016! BREAKING NEWS! The Snowdome Foundation/Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision collaborati… 28th August 2016 Continue Reading
Gandel Philanthropy-Snowdome Innovation Fellowship The Hon. Jill Hennessy MP, Minister for Health (VIC), officially announced… 24th August 2016 Continue Reading
Snowdome wins Victorian ‘Charity’ Telstra Business Award 2016 Media Release – July 19, 2016. An innovative partnership between two Victor… 19th July 2016 Continue Reading
We’re a Victorian finalist in 2016 Telstra Business Awards!   We are excited to share that the Snowdome Foundation / Maddie Riewol… 8th July 2016 Continue Reading
Maddie’s MarrowThon – getting school kids involved It’s hard to believe what Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision (MRV) has achieved in su… 28th June 2016 Continue Reading
Welcome two new Board members In recent months, we have welcomed two new members to our Board. Helen Gand… 28th June 2016 Continue Reading
Cisco recognised as Founding Partner The ‘marriage’ of Snowdome and Cisco dates back to December 2012 when membe… 28th June 2016 Continue Reading
Snowdome funds T-cell lymphoma study A new study looking at treatments for T-cell lymphoma will be going ahead a… 28th June 2016 Continue Reading
Prof. Richard Boyd joins Board “My scientific life has focused on the importance of developing immune-base… 23rd May 2016 Continue Reading
2015 Annual Review Our 2015 Annual Review (with 2014/15 financials) is now available to view o… 10th May 2016 Continue Reading
The heroes from Vision Super Too often the word hero is used and abused. It’s used to describe an ingred… 11th April 2016 Continue Reading
Songs as a tribute Five years in the making, the brother-in-law of Snowdome co-founder Grant R… 22nd March 2016 Continue Reading
Vale John Allen It is with great sadness that we farewell one of our keenest supporters. Jo… 22nd March 2016 Continue Reading
Vision Super cycles in support of Snowdome In news just to hand, we are thrilled to advise that a keen team of cyclist… 9th December 2015 Continue Reading
Vale Danny Hogg In late 2013, three passionate Snowdome Foundation supporters – Emma, Glenn… 8th December 2015 Continue Reading
Maximise your workplace giving to Snowdome Company employees can now donate to Snowdome via workplace giving facilitat… 8th December 2015 Continue Reading
Brookfield Multiplex generously shakes it up! Joining the ‘Great Shake-Up’ again in 2015, Brookfield Multiplex generously… 8th December 2015 Continue Reading
Snowdome Board member wins prestigious ‘Peter Wills Medal’ Congratulations to Snowdome Board member and 2014 Melburnian of the Year, P… 8th December 2015 Continue Reading
Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision funds 1st research project It is with a great amount of pride that we share the news that Maddie Riewo… 8th December 2015 Continue Reading
Farewell Nicky Long (but not goodbye) Nicky Long, one of Snowdome’s Directors since foundation in 2011, has resig… 8th December 2015 Continue Reading
$400,000 raised from 2015 ‘Great Shake-Up’ Our 2015 virtual ‘Great Shake-Up’ event (the one that you don’t have to lea… 8th December 2015 Continue Reading
Erdi-Snowdome/ VCA Collaboration – Funded Fellow Heads Up New Monash Health Facility Monash University and Monash Health are excited to announce that renowned h… 22nd September 2015 Continue Reading
Double discovery boosts global quest for leukaemia cures Snowdome-supported researchers at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre have discov… 22nd September 2015 Continue Reading
Shaking things up again in 2015 Our annual ‘Great Shake-Up’ virtual event is fast approaching and we would… 22nd September 2015 Continue Reading
Fat Duck dinner was amazing! Snowdome was delighted this week to receive some photos from the purchaser… 13th August 2015 Continue Reading
Maddie’s Match ‘Maddie’s Match’ at Etihad Stadium on Sunday 19 July was an example of the… 21st July 2015 Continue Reading
Save the date! Please SAVE THE DATE – Thursday 8 October 2015 from 12noon -1pm – for Snowd… 15th July 2015 Continue Reading
MayDay charity event a success for Snowdome If you happened to take a lunchtime stroll past the popular Zinc venue at F… 22nd June 2015 Continue Reading
Our new Chair Welcome to the new Chairman of Snowdome’s Board, Roger Greenman AM. Roger’s… 22nd June 2015 Continue Reading
Push to access new treatments A recent news report has highlighted the importance of Snowdome’s work and… 22nd June 2015 Continue Reading
2013/14 Annual Report Our 2013/14 Annual Report is now available to view online. In less than fou… 17th June 2015 Continue Reading
Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision partners with Snowdome Tragically, in February this year, 26 year old Maddie Riewoldt lost her 5 y… 16th June 2015 Continue Reading
Fat Duck brings $20,000 to fight blood cancers It is with a great amount of awe that we announce the winning (anonymous) b… 16th June 2015 Continue Reading
The Snowdome story on video Please watch our short 3 minute video which encapsulates why Snowdome exist… 5th June 2015 Continue Reading
Snowdome supports epigenetic BET inhibitors clinical trial As today is International Clinical Trials Day (commemorating 20 May 1747, t… 20th May 2015 Continue Reading
sailing the high seas for snowdome Warwick Sherman won Division 2 of the 2012 Sydney to Hobart. Five months ea… 2nd April 2015 Continue Reading
recently approved research projects Over the last 9 months, Snowdome’s funding efforts have been concentrated o… 2nd April 2015 Continue Reading
a patient’s perspective – lisa’s story “Settling my daughter into high school was my highest priority. She’d had a… 2nd April 2015 Continue Reading
fundraising in innovative ways Late in 2014, the Snowdome Foundation was contacted by two different partie… 2nd April 2015 Continue Reading
melburnian of the year joins snowdome board It is with great delight that we welcome leading infectious diseases physic… 2nd April 2015 Continue Reading
your chance to dine at the fat duck melbourne The Snowdome Foundation is auctioning a ‘Chef’s Table for 4’ generously don… 2nd April 2015 Continue Reading
supporting ‘global best practice’ Throughout 2013/14, Snowdome was successful in joining several like-minded… 2nd April 2015 Continue Reading
Fundraising Fireflies are off and away! They’re off and away! 800kms over 6 gruelling days through New Zealand’s be… 13th February 2015 Continue Reading
an update on recent accomplishments We are proud to share that 215 Australian blood cancer patients have gained… 21st December 2014 Continue Reading
heston & the fat duck support snowdome World renowned Chef, Heston Blumenthal, has announced his support of Snowdo… 14th December 2014 Continue Reading
a patient’s perspective – janet’s story Janet has endured a multitude of harsh and debilitating treatments since le… 14th December 2014 Continue Reading
A Researcher’s Insight – Azacitidine/Eltrombopag study In a final analysis of the Peter Mac sponsored Azacitidine/Eltrombopag stud… 14th December 2014 Continue Reading
Thank you for helping us raise over $550,000! On 15 October 2014, our second ‘Great Shake-Up’ virtual fundraising event w… 14th December 2014 Continue Reading
George & Yolanda Klempfner Fellowship The Snowdome Foundation is delighted to announce the George and Yolanda Kle… 14th December 2014 Continue Reading
Chris Lilley Charity Sale for Snowdome Chris Lilley, the creator of numerous TV comedy series (We Can Be Heroes, S… 9th December 2014 Continue Reading
Walking for Chloe Most people might struggle to walk or run a 400m running track. Can you ima… 8th December 2014 Continue Reading
NOW online – watch the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 NOW ONLINE (click HERE) – to learn more about Snowdome, what we do and the… 18th November 2014 Continue Reading
A tribute to Sarah Bennison … My youngest brother was six when we first heard that our Mum had Hodgkin’s… 14th October 2014 Continue Reading
Adding the personal touch to a ‘Great Shake-Up’ boardroom We are down to the final hours before the Snowdome Foundation ‘Great Shake-… 12th October 2014 Continue Reading
A patient’s perspective …. Nicky’s story My drive for supporting blood cancer started in November 1998, three weeks… 10th October 2014 Continue Reading
A sister’s perspective ….. How lucky are we in our lives when the word ‘cancer’ is just something we h… 7th October 2014 Continue Reading
A daughter’s perspective ….. My dearest Mother Virginia: In September 2009, our dearest mother discovere… 7th October 2014 Continue Reading
Lior to perform at the ‘Great Shake-Up’ NEWS FLASH: Lior to perform during our ‘Great Shake-Up’ event! Since his de… 30th September 2014 Continue Reading
‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 online event is going to sea! Snowdome Ambassador Andrew Cody is swapping his ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 board… 28th September 2014 Continue Reading
Wishing Tessa well The Snowdome Foundation sends heartfelt well wishes to Australian actress T… 23rd September 2014 Continue Reading
Heston Blumenthal announces support of Snowdome At this morning’s media launch to announce there will be a ballot system fo… 17th September 2014 Continue Reading
a personal video message from whispering jack Well known and much loved Australian musician, John Farnham, has lent his s… 25th August 2014 Continue Reading
the fault in her genes September 18 approaches and it will be three years since my sister Andrea w… 22nd August 2014 Continue Reading
A mother’s perspective… “Prepare yourselves for the worst and hope for the best”. These words still… 18th August 2014 Continue Reading
achievements & results Since Snowdome began in 2010, we’ve been working hard to attain some signif… 5th August 2014 Continue Reading
We’re shaking things up again! On Wednesday 15 October from 12.30 – 1.30pm, Snowdome will hold the second… 31st July 2014 Continue Reading
a patient’s perspective – annette’s story Annette’s journey began with a tooth ache, then a blood test and following… 30th July 2014 Continue Reading
a researcher’s insight – dr jake shortt Dr Jake Shortt views haematology and blood cancers as one of the most compl… 29th July 2014 Continue Reading
‘making hope real’ for patients with MDS In June this year at the European Haematology Association meeting in Italy,… 28th July 2014 Continue Reading
New Fellowship award – Dr Jake Shortt We are delighted to report that Dr Jake Shortt (pictured second from left w… 28th July 2014 Continue Reading
A carer’s perspective … Reviewing the diary of Gayle’s lymphoma now in its fifth year, I am reminde… 22nd July 2014 Continue Reading
Retiring from the board We would like to pay tribute to Professor Richard (Dick) Smallwood AO. Reti… 14th July 2014 Continue Reading
‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 VIRTUAL HELP DESK To ensure optimal enjoyment of the Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2… 18th June 2014 Continue Reading
‘Great Shake-Up’ 2013 Highlights The inaugural Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ was held in August 201… 30th May 2014 Continue Reading
Save the Date – the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014   Click here  to watch  highlights of  the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2013. Save… 5th April 2014 Continue Reading
Snowdome Foundation 2012/13 Annual Report To view our 2012/13 Annual Report, click here. Since 2010, Snowdome has bee… 31st March 2014 Continue Reading
Researcher Interview: Dr. Andrew Wei, Alfred Hospital Dr. Andrew Wei, head of the acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) program at The Al… 31st March 2014 Continue Reading
Philanthropy and government partnering together The Snowdome Foundation is delighted to announce a joint initiative with th… 30th October 2013 Continue Reading
Australia’s I.T. leaders lend their combined weight for a great cause The Snowdome Foundation 2013 ‘Great Shake-Up’ virtual event introduces an e… 1st July 2013 Continue Reading
Rickshaw run for blood cancer Team Holy Cow is raising funds for the Snowdome Foundation. Danny Hogg, Emm… 5th June 2013 Continue Reading
“The Conspiracy to End Cancer”  (Time Magazine)   Epigenetics research article featured in TIME Magazine. Learn more h… 1st April 2013 Continue Reading
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