In May and June 2016, Snowdome held two unique events where our donors, supporters and Board members met the talented group of researchers funded by Snowdome.

The Q&A sessions, allowed our researchers to provide feedback and updates on the latest innovations in fighting blood cancers. Click on the following link for a full report.  Notes Donor event 31 May 2016

Or you can watch our series of ‘One Cool Minute‘ videos which captured some of the Q&A’s on film.

The audience asked the researchers questions like “what is the future of personalised medicine?” and “what are the major issues faced in the blood cancer battle?” See the answers they gave here.

In August and September 2017, Snowdome again hosted a Q&A panel to inform donors of the progress made in Snowdome funded research into blood cancers.  It was held as part of the inaugural Blood Exhibition in the Science Gallery at the University of Melbourne.

We covered topics such as genomics, bone marrow transplants and cell-free DNA.  The panel was chaired by Professor Miles Prince who directed questions to the panel of researchers.

A transcript from the events is available.  Click here.


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