snowdome’s unique approach

International evidence shows patients have better outcomes on a clinical trial. Unfortunately, unless the trials are initiated in Australia, our small population relative to say, the US or Europe, means Australian patients are rarely included in trials.

As a strategy-focused organisation, Snowdome is targeting a real need not currently being addressed effectively: To bring next-generation, improved treatments to Australian patients faster.

Strategic grants: The Snowdome Foundation seeks opportunities to ‘enable’ clinical trials to commence. We work with world leading Australian researchers to prioritise key research opportunities across a consortium of hospitals.

Once the key funding opportunities are identified and prioritised, we then work to fund these strategic, multi-year research opportunities. So far, the Snowdome Foundation has achieved success in funding critical human infrastructure over multiple years to deliver clinical trials and ensure they can run to completion. This ensures patients receive the full benefit of being on a clinical trial.

Currently we have funding gaps that you can help bridge, bringing hope to Australian blood cancer patients.

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