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    The Bloody Good Dinner
    After a more than two-year interlude and three reschedules, the Bloody Good Dinner finally returned in November 2022. Guests were welcomed to the spectacular Botanica Marquee in the Royal Botanic Gardens, where they feasted on a glorious banquet inspired by the Mediterranean roots of the talented NOMAD Executive Chef, Jacqui Challinor.  The team at Blakes Feast once again, generously and expertly cared for and catered to our 300 guests who...
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    Genomic Testing and Precision Medicine – an Evolution in Cancer Care
    When the human genome was mapped (1990 – 2003) it accelerated the study of human biology and improved medical practice, including the diagnosis, prognosis...
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    A New Chapter for Blood Cancer Research Western Australia
    Snowdome Foundation and Blood Cancer Research Western Australia (BCRWA) are pleased to announce a new chapter in the delivery of next-generation treatments for Western...
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