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New options for treatment resistant myeloma

The Snowdome Foundation has partnered with Cure Cancer and Cancer Australia to fund a new novel myeloma research project. The research will investigate a new diagnostic marker for treatment resistant myeloma. The team will investigate if treatment targeting this marker will improve response in those who do not respond… Read More

Fund a haematology research fellow

Help fund a haematology research fellow as they develop their research career and address an unmet need in haematology research. This is a brand new fellowship opportunity and enables you to fund a researcher as they embark on an exciting three year project. Total project: $300,000 Funds received to date:… Read More

Gunn Family Women in Haematology Fellowship

Our first female only fellowship specifically directed at Haematology career development in medical research commenced in February 2019. The Snowdome Foundation and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision are passionate about supporting the advancement of women in medical research and are funding this fellowship together with the support of the Gunn Family. With… Read More

Bring new blood cancer treatments to patients in Western Australia

Blood Cancer Research WA has been established to ensure patients in WA have access to new blood cancer treatments through clinical trials without having to travel interstate. Patients on clinical trials are shown to have improved outcomes. Help WA blood cancer patients by funding an increase in human infrastructure (Fellows,… Read More

Bring new therapies for multiple myeloma to Australia

Dr Kylee Maclachlan has been awarded a three-year fellowship in myeloma to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York City. Funding is required to assist Dr Maclachlan as she collaborates on an International trial that will bring novel therapies for the treatment of myeloma to Australia. The trial will… Read More