Tom Long is filled with gratitude

Tom Long is filled with gratitude

Tom Long is filled with gratitude. He got a second chance at life when he was accepted into a CAR T-cell therapy trial at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in the USA.

Three months ago he arrived in the USA a very unwell individual.  He had exhausted every possible treatment but the cancer cells kept growing and dividing. A week after arriving he had his T cells removed and genetically engineered so they would recognise the cancer riddling his body. Two months later his new supercharged T-cells were put back in his body to work their magic. Now he is on his way home – in remission for the first time in 7 years.

We don’t want this to be a story about one lucky individual. We want this story to be common, to be the norm. With your help, we can make it happen. Let’s work together to bring CAR T-cell therapy trials to Australia so we all get a second chance at life.

Safe travels home Tom. Thanks for giving us hope.

One thought on “Tom Long is filled with gratitude

  1. How wonderful that Tom has had this amazing outcome from the CAR T cell therapy. Tom must be a very courageous person to travel to Seattle for this treatment.
    The progress with Multiple Myeloma is fantastic. I had a second stem cell transplant in May which has been a success so l don’t really understand where Tom must have been at however l feel l may have a little of an understanding.
    All the very best Tom. You’ve been so wonderful to be in the media and showed us with Multiple Myeloma your amazing determination. Go well.

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