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Who is the Snowdome Foundation?

Formed in 2010, the Snowdome Foundation is dedicated to improving outcomes for Australians with blood cancer by focusing government, corporate and private philanthropic investment into fast-tracking human clinical trials of next-generation drugs and therapies, including epigenetics treatments. No other Australian organisation has this sole focus across all types of blood cancer.


When is the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014?

The ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 will be held on Wednesday, October 15 at 12.30pm – 1.30pm.


What is the main aim of the ‘Great Shake-Up’?

We aim to raise $1million+ for the Snowdome Foundation from meeting room registrations, auction items and donations.

This is the second year of the event. In 2013, 125 meeting rooms participated and $1.3million was raised from registrations and subsequent donations. 2,500 people learned about the urgent need for blood cancer research.


What makes this event unique?

The event is virtual – streamed live into meeting rooms so that corporate Australia can attend the one-hour event without having to leave their office. The ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2013 was Australia’s first ‘virtual’ fundraising event and we are delighted to be doing it all again in 2014.


How does it work?

Companies register and pay $2000 per meeting room at www.snowdome.org.au.

Upon registration, each meeting room will be issued with a unique password to access the live stream on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. The event will start at 12.30 sharp and conclude at 1.30pm. It is expected that hosts will provide an informal lunch for their guests.


Who are the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 Ambassadors? Update when complete

Mrs Nina Aberdeen – Lawyer

Mr Andrew Cody – Director, The National Opal Collection

Mr Tim Fawcett – Managing Director, Cisco – Government & Policy Sector

Mrs Helen Gandel – Philanthropist

Mrs Carolyn Jolson – Philanthropist

Mrs Amanda Mandie – Philanthropist

Mrs Gina McNamara – Director, Bounce

Mr Luke Smorgon – Director, b2cloud

Mrs Lyn Swinburne AM – Founder & retired CEO of Breast Cancer Network Australia

Mr John Valmorbida – Director, Casama Group

Mr Carlo Viccari

Mrs Julia Zaetta


(Still confirming 4 Ambassadors and titles for two of the above Ambassadors

Additional Ambassadors need to be included alphabetical by surname)


Who are the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 Major Event Partners?

We are very fortunate to have the support of the following partners without which, the event would not be possible: b2Cloud, Cisco, Channel 7, Village Roadshow and Viocorp.


Who will actually attend the event?

Most companies we have spoken to plan to use the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 to benefit their staff although some are inviting key clients to share the experience with them.  Several plan to provide a sandwich lunch before the program begins at 12:30pm and to make this a team building exercise. Others are including staff members who deserve recognition or reward for a range of reasons or as a show of their support for staff members who have been personally affected by blood cancers.

Registering for the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 is an excellent way for a company to demonstrate their active involvement on behalf of a worthy and important community cause.

Most participants will watch the event from a big screen but it can also be viewed from a laptop or desktop computer.


What will the guests see?

The event will be an hour of infotainment – informative, thought provoking and entertaining. Guests will be provided with the opportunity to learn more about clinical trials and the reasons why new cutting edge research into blood cancers is so vital. The event will be hosted from Channel 7 studios by one of the most recognised Australian personalities and some of Australia’s premier performers will provide sensational entertainment. Be sure to register for this exciting virtual event!


How much does it cost to be involved?

Each registration costs $2,000 and entitles you to one web access to the Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 event. It is up to you whether you fill a meeting room or a theatrette. In fact, the event can be viewed from just about any laptop or desktop computer anywhere. An internet connection is all that is needed. (Please check our specifications sheet for your optimal viewing. This is available at (link to Troubleshooting Guide) and will be emailed to you after registering).


Where does the money go?

The Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 is designed to raise $1million+ for blood cancer research. These funds are urgently needed to find new treatments for blood cancer in Australia. Blood cancer is the 3rd highest cause of death from cancer in this country and there are 11,500 new diagnoses of leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and blood related disorders each year. The money raised by the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 will support Australian clinicians and researchers working on next generation treatments. Their work ensures blood cancer patients get access to new therapies long before they otherwise would.


What are the benefits in my company’s participation?

Most of the companies we have spoken to have supported the ‘Great Shake-Up’ because they recognise this event as a great opportunity to raise awareness for staff and clients about the urgent need for blood cancer research in Australia. They want to join with other corporates to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against blood cancers.

The Snowdome Foundation is also promoting the commitment of these organisations on the website at (add link to Meeting Room Sign ups) and in select advertisements.


How will it work on Wednesday, October 15, 2014?

At 10:00am AEST, we encourage you to login to the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 event to ensure your connection is working optimally. To login, you simply need to go to (add link to Event Login) and enter your personalised username and password. We recommend testing your connection at the two live video testing dates at the end of September and early October.

At 12:00pm, we suggest your guests or staff arrive so that they can get comfortable prior to the 12:30pm sharp start. This is a great time to provide a small lunch or encourage people to sign up for bidding on the Auction items.

At 12:30pm the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 will commence live on your boardroom screen and you can participate via an interactive twitter feed.


Do we need a giant screen to watch the event?

The Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 event can be viewed from just about any laptop or desktop computer. It is up to you whether you fill a meeting room, theaterette or watch it on your laptop screen. You just need an internet connection. (Please check our specifications sheet for your optimal viewing. This is available at (add link to Trouble shooting Guide) and will be emailed to you after registering).


What if our boardroom’s already booked that day?

You do not have to have a boardroom or meeting room, you only need an internet connection. You can use a staff room, meeting room or even your laptop within your office or home. Just make sure you register as you will not want to miss Australia’s virtual fundraising event!


Can we test the vision and experience in our office ahead of time?

At the end of September and early October, we are encouraging all participants to test their connection to the Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 event.  There will be two live video testing sessions.

There is also a Troubleshooting Guide (add link to Trouble Shooting Guide) that explains how to optimise your viewing experience.  This guide will be emailed with your personalised login information.

If you experience any difficulty after following this information, please contact [email protected].org.au


Why is it called the Snowdome Foundation?

The Snowdome Foundation is dedicated to all who have suffered blood cancers, those who have survived and those who have lost the cruellest of battles. Nine year old Chloe Rutherford was unfortunately one who didn’t make it and the Foundation is named after her love of snowdomes. Chloe’s father, Grant Rutherford, is a co-founder of the Snowdome Foundation.


What are blood cancers?

Blood cancers are common genetic diseases, but not in the sense that they are conditions you inherit from your parents. Rather, blood cancers are caused by genes that suddenly decide to switch off or send confused messages to the cells that they control.

Blood cancers – leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma – are the third highest cause of death from cancer in Australia. Many adult and some childhood blood cancers are still unable to be successfully treated and, regrettably, Australia is leading the world in the growth of new diagnoses.


What is epigenetics research?

Epigenetics is a science at the very edge of our understanding of how life works. Essentially, it’s the study of what switches cancer cells on and off. Epigenetic treatments work by a combination of targeting the ‘instruction manual’ of the cell and boosting the immune system’s capacity to fight the cancer.

If we can fix that epigenome, we can attack blood cancers at their source, by developing epigenetic drugs and therapies that reprogram the epigenome and rehabilitate the rogue cells.

In 2009 the first epigenetic therapies were approved for three sub-types of blood cancers by drug regulatory agencies around the world. The challenge now is to discover for which other blood cancers it can improve outcomes and for whom these drugs are most suited.

What works spectacularly well in one person with blood cancer can fail in another. But soon, we hope to discover how to predict an individual’s response to treatments based on their genetic makeup, resulting in treatments that are less toxic and destructive and more intelligent, targeted and effective.


Who should I direct my specific questions to about the event?

If you have any questions about the Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014, we would be delighted to assist you.  Please contact us at [email protected] and we will respond as promptly as possible.


Wednesday, October 15 is impossible for us. Is there another way we can participate?

You can assist the Snowdome Foundation to find new treatments for blood cancer in Australia by making a tax deductible donation.  You can send a cheque, direct transfer or use a credit card.  Credit card payments can be made at (link to donate page).  Please contact the Snowdome Foundation at [email protected] for more information.


Who else has signed up?

The Snowdome Foundation would like to thank those companies that have shown their support for the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014. We have publically recognised these companies and thanked them for their commitment at (link to Meeting Room sign ups).


Will there be technical support if something goes wrong?

We have several tools to ensure your viewing experience is optimised.  After registering, we will provide a Troubleshooting Guide with your personalised login information. Please share this with your IT department.

There are two live video test dates, one at the end of September and the other in early October.  We encourage you to test your connection then.  If you experience any difficulty or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

On Wednesday, October 15,please login by 10:00am. If you encounter any issues, please contact 03 9900 5388 and we will assist you as promptly as possible.


My company already supports a few charities, how can I get them interested in this event?

The Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 was designed to complement existing charities, not compete.  It is designed to raise awareness about blood cancer and raise $1million+ to support blood cancer research.  We are seeking a one-time registration fee of $2,000 per location. Many businesses participated last year who have an ongoing, long term commitment to other charities. In many cases, this can be a very cost-effective way to engage your staff and raise awareness about an important community concern.


Can I hold an event at home or in another location than an office?

Several people we’ve spoken to are planning to hold this event in a location outside of the office. All you need is an internet connection with a minimum of 2000kbps download speed. Enjoy the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 virtual fundraising event with friends, family or work colleagues. Don’t miss this exciting, innovative and thought provoking event!


Is the $2,000 registration fee fully tax deductible?

After registering, you will be emailed a receipt. Please note, in line with ATO rulings, a small portion ($23/meeting room) that equates to the market value of the event will not be tax deductible for individuals. For clarification, please contact your personal accountant.


How is the event interactive?

The ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 is a live and interactive event. We are encouraging all participants to share their views via a special twitter feed to the virtual event. Be sure to share your thoughts, encouragement and support! (Include twitter account details) Embed twitter link

Is my business able to be invoiced for the Great Shake-Up registration cost?

Yes, please tick the relevant box on the Payment page and an invoice will be emailed to you.


Who do I contact if I am having problems registering?

Please email [email protected] and provide your telephone contact details. We will respond as promptly as possible.


If my office is not participating, can I still pay and support the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 event?

Yes.  You can assist the Snowdome Foundation to find new treatments for blood cancer in Australia by making a tax deductible donation.  You can send a cheque, direct transfer or use a credit card.  Credit card payments can be made at (link to donate page).  Please contact the Snowdome Foundation at [email protected] org.au for more information.


How can I register multiple Meeting rooms?

Please go to Registration & provide:  Executive/Host’s contact details, EA/Administrator’s contact details and company information details.

Then, move to Meeting Room section. For each meeting room, please provide postcode & unique email.