The Auction

We are positive thrilled to announce (quack!) that our silent/online fundraising auction to sell Heston Blumenthal’s generous donation to Snowdome (a Chef’s table for 4 at The Fat Duck Melbourne) has been purchased by a winning (anonymous) bidder who has paid the very generous and neat sum of $20,000 to experience Heston’s magic (and support our fight against blood cancers). Thank you!


Where will the $20,000 go? By securing pro bono support to advertise and promote the auction, we are very pleased to say that 100% of the $20,000 will be quickly directed towards strategically important projects that will help improve the lives of Australians living with leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. We are proud to share that over 200 Australian blood cancer patients have gained access to new, cutting-edge therapies since Snowdome formed in 2010. Over the past four years, Snowdome has supported epigenetic research and supporting activities that increase the availability of epigenetic clinical trials. No other Australian organisation is supporting the treatment of blood cancers in this important way.


We are so appreciative of Heston’s support of Snowdome. The fact that he chose Snowdome as one of only three charities he would be supporting whilst here in Australia has been fabulous on so many levels. The general awareness it has brought to our cause, the pro bono support we received from many organisations to help promote the auction and the overall kudos to be associated with a world-renowned chef and personality.

Heston & Snowdome

Pictured with Heston at the media conference to announce his support of Snowdome – Lou Johns (Snowdome Exec) and Nicky Long (Snowdome Director)