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HSANZ/Snowdome Foundation Mid-Career Award for Outstanding Blood Cancer Research



The Snowdome Foundation’s $5,000 award for outstanding blood cancer research aims to recognise and celebrate the achievements of one of Australia’s best and brightest mid-career blood cancer researchers who has made a significant advance in blood cancer research.

The $5,000 HSANZ/Snowdome Foundation Mid-Career Grant will cover educational support such as tuition, registration fees and travel for courses and meetings that are integral to an award winner’s career development plan, as well as research project expenses that can aid in his/her professional development. If the research is presented at a conference, Snowdome requests recognition within the presentation.

Award Timelines:

Promotion and call for nominations 18 March – 30 July 2021
Nomination closing date Friday 30 July 2021
HSANZ Review Panel nomination ranking and award recommendation August 2021
Communication with applicants Early September 2021
Announcement of Award Blood Conference Gala Dinner 21 September 2021, Adelaide

HSANZ e-news, Snowdome e-news and website


To be eligible for this award applicants must be:

  • Mid-career cancer researcher – defined as someone who has more than 5 years, but less than postdoctoral experience in blood cancer research. (Defined as date of PhD award or equivalent degree. Effective July 30 2021, with consideration provided for appropriate career disruption).


  • The applicant must be an active cancer researcher employed by an Australian University, Research Institute or Health Service


  • Have an outstanding track record of publication in blood cancer research, including publications within the last 24 months.
  • Be responsible for the major components of the research (first or senior researcher)


  • Be a Member of HSANZ

 Nomination Process:

Nominations must include the following documentation and be emailed in a single PDF file to [email protected] by no later than 5pm EST Friday 30 July 2021:

  • A completed nomination form (self-nominations accepted)


  • A copy of the nominee’s current Curriculum Vitae (max 3 pages)
  • A copy of the relevant publication
  • A supporting statement from the nominator detailing why the nominee is deserving of the award (refer to selection criteria 2). This would usually be the applicant’s supervisor , department, clinical or Institute Director. This must be on letterhead and signed.
  • A supporting statement from an independent senior research leader in the field outlining why the nominee is deserving of the award (refer to selection criteria 2). This must be on company letterhead, signed and emailed directly to HSANZ.  The pdf should be named SNOWDOME HSANZ AWARD [FamilyName First name] and submitted by email, to HSANZ at: [email protected]

Review Process:

This $5000 award will go to the mid-career blood cancer researcher who has made the most significant advance in blood cancer research over the preceding 18-24 months. Applicants will be competitively ranked by a panel of multidisciplinary Australian blood cancer research leaders, according to the following criteria:

Selection Criteria:

CRITERIA 1. Scientific quality of research (50%) – demonstrated by a significant peer-reviewed blood cancer research publication/s that advances our understanding of blood cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, management or treatment, or improvement of quality of life for blood cancer patients.

 CRITERIA 2. Research impact and innovation (25%) – demonstrated by supporting letters from professional nominators. For example, this may highlight the nominee’s:

  • Contribution of the research program to blood cancer research in Australia and internationally
  • Potential of published research to innovate patient care and/or health service improvement
  • Evidence of collaboration

 CRITERIA 3. Leadership and contribution to haematology (25%). This criterion will focus on the individual’s contribution to blood cancer research in Australia, including academic and clinical leadership roles, supervision, advocacy and/or policy. This includes contribution to HSANZ.

 Award Announcement:

The award winner will be advised of the prize in early-September 2021 prior to the Blood conference which will be held in Adelaide from 19-22 September 2021. The candidate will be invited to attend the Gala Dinner on Tuesday 21 September 2021 to officially accept their award.

Applications Close

Friday 30 July at 5:00 pm

Submitting Electronic (pdf) Applications

Electronic applications, along with all supporting documents should be submitted as a single pdf.
The pdf should be named SNOWDOME HSANZ AWARD [FamilyName First name] and submitted by email, to HSANZ at: [email protected]